Monday, 9 December 2013

Thorntons Chocolate Advent Calendar! | 16 days to go!

So, with 16 days to go until Christmas, I have been opening my advent calendar for 9 days now. This picture was taken before the 1st of December, so that is why none of the doors have been opened yet, in case you were wondering.

My advent calendar is Thorntons, as you can see from the picture. I have gone from the character advent calendars, which have the not so nice chocolate in them, to a Cadbury's one, and now I am on the Thorntons one.

The chocolate in this advent calendar is yummy and delicious, with decent sized chocolate. By decent sized, I mean not teeny little chocolates that you get in the character ones. Also, the pictures inside the doors are really cute and jolly.

So, there you have another Christmas Countdown post, it was a short one today, but there will be a longer one in a few days time. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If  you did, then please can you follow my blog for the rest of the Christmas Countdown posts.

Remember. Only 16 more days to go until the big day!

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